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Date: 8th March, Tuesday, 4;00 pm EST

Google has change massively in the last year. Whatever you thought you knew about backlinking and ranking, forget it. It’s changed. Even in the last 6 months.

You need the latest information, or you’re likely making mistakes which mean you’ll never rank.

In our exclusive teaching seminar, we’ll take you through the entire 5 Steps to Page One ranking process that aligns with Google today. Pure teaching content that will teach you exactly what you need to do to rank #1 not only in 2016 but into the future.

No need to be guessing any more what you need to do.

We’ll also cover:

  • How Google’s patents tell us exactly what to do to rank
  • How you can make your site hyper-relevant to any search term in Google’s eyes (so they rank you first)
  • Two massive shortcuts to high authority backlinks that mean you never have to build a PBN again (Push button rankings don’t exist – not really. But here’s a tool that is as close as you can get – load up your articles, press a button, and bingo page 1!)
  • Case study: 30,000 super hungry buyers every month from Google search
  • And a ton more…DO NOT MISS THIS Training on 8th March, Tuesday, 4pm EST.
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